Utopia Truffles



Psilocybe Utopia Truffles: Sheer Power

This is one of the strongest magic truffles available anywhere. The Utopia truffle, taking its name from the magnificent state it induces, is a powerhouse of psilocin and psilocybin. It is a top choice for psychonauts who are after something extraordinary. They take around ten months to grow and mature, and all this time is necessary for them to develop such high concentrations of their wonderful active ingredients.

The Effects of Utopia Truffles

As you can probably guess, the effects are powerful. Expect significant warping of reality, visuals, physical sensations, and deep, roaming thoughts even at lower doses. If you up the dose, it becomes harder to describe. You can expect a powerful psychedelic experience that will feature unique and potentially profound moments for you.

Utopia Truffles: Strength, Dosage, and Use

Being this strong, you’ll have to be careful when dosing this truffle. As little as 3 grams can induce a noticeable high. At around 5 grams, expect visual saturation, auditory sharpening, and strange physical sensations. At 7.5 grams, you’re getting toward something quite powerful. At this point, something akin to a true trip is possible, and you can expect strong visuals, deep thoughts, and all-out psychedelia. Be careful before you move above this dose, and only do so once you are comfortable with the psychedelic experience.

To take them, either eat the truffles fresh or make a tea. If you choose the latter, they will taste nicer and it will help to avoid the worst of the nausea that eating them can bring on. However, be careful not to add them directly to boiling water, as this will destroy the active ingredients, and you won’t get high.


Our magic truffles come fresh and can be stored for up to two months sealed in the fridge. However, they must be used within two days once opened. Alternatively, you can dry them to store them indefinitely.


Magic truffles contain psilocybin and psilocin, which are powerful hallucinogenic drugs. Taking hallucinogens sensibly is essential; read out guide on how trip safely. Make sure you are in a safe environment and have a sober person, or “trip sitter” in your group who will remain with two feet in reality.


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